viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Stylish Headphones

A while ago, when I wanted to stop being lame and still had hope in life, I got the idea of maybe, someday, buying one pair of those cool dj headphones, just to wear them around my neck and be really stylish and stuff.

Right now, I've found a couple not too expensive and cool, but I think it's not a good idea, why? Well basically I'd be paying for a collar, since they only look cool when you have them around your neck, but for someone who is not an audio professional, they are hell impractical. Let's see:


-Look cool.
-Sound better (?)


-don't fit easily in bag (tho this may be invalid if you'll be wearing them around your neck)
-uncomfortable, they squish your ears and your head

So, is it worth it paying 20-80 bucks just to look stylish, when you could get more comfortable and practical headphones for 9.99? I don't think so, maybe if I had a money I would buy them as an accesory, but not now.

And don't get me started on those "beats by dr dre", they're like the most stupid fad ever, I've seen a lot of people around here with them, at first I was "well, they think they're stylish" (I think they're pretty ugly, I've seen way cooler, better and cheaper headphones) but then I found out they were around 200 bucks, for that money I can get a videogame console geez, I tried ones and well yeah, they sound nice, but 200 dollard worth? I don't think so. The only people I would respect spending that much on headphones are professionals, and they wouldn't get beats.

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