lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012

Balloon Piñatas

Warning: the style of this entry is heavily inspired by Hyperbole and a Half

I don't know what the concept of "piñatas" in the rest of the world could be, but growing up in Mexico I'm pretty used to having piñatas at kids' or Christmas parties.

Now, they come in all kinds of shapes:

They are usually made of paper (I think, never learned how to make them) and filled with candy!

Sometimes they don't have candy for no apparent reason and there are soccer moms throwing the candy beside you instead.

Either way, you get into a ferocious battle for candy.

But there is a dreaded kind of piñatas, not when I was a child, not now, have I understood their existance.


They're the anticlimax of piñatas.

They shouldn't be called piñatas at all.

They're like "I couldn't get you a descent piñata so I got this instead".

They're not even good as a consolation gift.

If your mom ever bought you a balloon piñata, she probably doesn't love you as much as she said.

They don't even have a shape, they're just this big bag of balloons.
And they usually break up at the first hit. (Not that making an effort for only balloons is worth it).
So when you hit them, you just have balloons falling.

And maybe confetti. If you're lucky.


Don't get me wrong, balloons are fun to kick and explode.
But you can't compare them to the sheer joy of having candy.
They're not even a surprise since they come in a transparent bag, but it would be too cruel to be expecting candy and recieving balloons instead.

So yay for balloons....

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