jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012

People are like Pokemon

This is one of my favorite ...things I've come up with.
Copied from my newgrounds page, original from February 2011

Last night, while meditating, I got into a revealing conclusion...
Boys, and I assume girls too, are like Pokémon.
Have you ever heard how you need to "break some hearts" in order for someone else to notice you, I don't know, be rude, ignore the guy you like so he will call you, etc, etc...?
Well, it's just like Pokémon, you need to weaken the other person in order to capture it, but not hurt it too much that it will faint ~ go away/hate you/etc. Sometimes even if you've got it with the ideal HP you need a more expensive pokeball to get it. Sometimes it will teleport away with no reason, and you'll need to search on the grass in order to find it again.
And just like there is a variety of Pokémon, there is a variety of people, there are girls like Rattata, y'know... easy... others like Raikou, hard to find, and whenever you see one, they run away. The cool Pokemon are rare or only the Gym Leader owns them, and of course, if you aren't a "worthy trainer", your Pokémon won't obey you.
Is really infinite the ways people relate to Pokémon, but the lesson here is, I repeat, in order to catch one, you need to weaken it, but not hurt it too much that it will faint.

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