jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012


taken from my newgrounds page http://pinkskull.newgrounds.com/news/2
original from April/24/11 just copied and pasted

I've always tought photosyntesis is the solution to all our problems.
I am no chemist, but I understand that plants breathe the opposite to us, like, we convert Oxygen into CO2 and plants CO2 into oxygen. Therefore, photosyntesis is the opposite to combustion.
If that's the case, and all our pollution problems are because our vehicules and stuff work by combustion, wouldn't photosyntesis solve it?
Honestly, it surprises me that there isn't any machine that does photosyntesis, are plants such a mystery?
And I don't think an Oxygen pollution will then occur, because we are far too many humans to consume it.
That's why whenever I need to invent any fantasy machine, I put that it "works by photosyntesis", so I don't have to worry for it polluting.
We could even just put little photosyntesis machines to help the plants clean our air and then have awesome Fire Nation Fountains without remorse! 

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