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I hate new Linkin Park

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original from 6/2/11 just copied and pasted

I just do.
And I feel like writing it out somewhere.
And on facebook or comment sections I'll just get trashed for it.
I think there are only two big dissapointments in my life: The Nintendo Wii and the new Linkin Park.
The Wii I think it speaks for itself, I am a girl who grew up with nintendo, I never even turned to look at the PS2 until recently, all my consoles had always been Nintendo's, and when the "Revolution" was announced it sounded so awesome and promising, I mean, you would move the controller and it would do stuff! SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!
I guess the developers never saw any possibilities because all we got were shitty minigame games and games that used "shaking the controller" as an extra button.
I don't say there aren't any good games, but there are certainly really few good games compared to other consoles, and at the top of my head two of those good games are ports from other consoles (RE4 and Okami), and two is a big chunk of the list of good games on the Wii.
I play 360 now, I hate a lot of stuff in it (paying for online, overheating...) but it has awesome games.
I think I can include Twilight Princess in here. You don't know how much I waited for the new Zelda, I literally dreamt of it. And there might have been loads of stuff that kept me from enjoying it, that I played the wii version, that my Wii was in spanish so the game started in spanish (really, electronics and spanish don't get along well), that my brother had just bought RE4 and I wanted to play it more, thing is, I had to force myself to play it.
And I don't know if I have made this review before in this blog, cause I've said it a lot of times. But it just didn't give me what I callthe Zelda feeling. See, I haven't played all Zelda games, but the ones I have, including four swords, have given me this feeling that makes me want to play more, to get inside the tv and be in the game. TP didn't give me that feeling, actually I remember some stuff and I hate it. Windwaker, which I accept I was from the people who trashed the new look when it was announces (I was like 12 at the time plz), is one of my favorite Zeldas, TP = big dissapointment, shame because the wolf is so cute.
My theory is that it wasn't made with love, windwaker, everybody hated it before playing it, but the creator tought it was awesome, so it was made with love, so you got a nice feeling from playing it. TP was made to please all the rabid Zelda fans that wanted another OoT, so they forced themselves into making something that had all the characteristics, but you couldn't feel any love from it (tho most of the characters look gay on that game).
But I was talking about Linkin Park.
Yeah, I hate the new Linkin Park.
See, I am of that generation who grew with LP, LP got me into listening music! I so loved Hybrid Theory and Meteora was pretty awesome too. They were my favorite band, they were awesome! (ok, they were for 14 -year-old-me, i got kind of sick of them after years, but I still recognize the awesomeness in their first 2 albums)(reanimation doesnt count). And so they dissapeared, I moved on to other bands.....
And one they it was announced there'd be a new album! woo! linkin park coming back so cool!
I kind of tolerated What I've Done for a while, but nothing, nothing else in Minutes to Midnight fell right for me.
Then it came, New Divide is it? the one from transformers 2? well, felt mostly the same as What I've Done...
Then I missdownloaded the Cataclysm, or cataclyst, i dont remember the name, and I got some really cool song, which later I found out it was actually called "the fight inside" by RED, I searched for the real cataclyst, and the song I found, hmmm.. well... TOTALLY SUCKED.
Now, these are personal opinions, if you like them cool, I respect you.
But I guess the most people who still like them are mostly into really calm music.
I semi-heard Iridescent today, just half of it, it was what brought me into writing this. Tho I spent most characters on Zelda. I'm a videogame addict.
Most of the comments defending them were like "good bands change blah blah else you would get bored of them blah blah new linkin park is more emotional blah blah change is good".
First, just because the songs are slower doesn't mean they are MORE emotional, well maybe they are, but now that I read old LP's lyrics I realize that if emo existed back in the day, they would be totally emo, also screams potrait emotion pretty well actually.
And yes, most bands change, at the moment I'm kind of sick of Rise Against, who were supposed to be my favorite band, or were for a really long time, and I found their new album good but haven't felt like listening much to it because it's basically the same.
Now My Chemical Romance (which I know most people don't respect, and I was kind of ashamed of liking them for a while when they had bad reputation) had indeed changed a lot from album to album, but I haven't heard anyone call them the "new MCR", either the change has been more gradual or they just make new stuff that appeals to their audience, cause I like all albums from them.
But I guess LP either changed for bad (or for good for those more into pop), or just changed way too much, since they are way too different, therefore don't appeal anymore to those of us who were fans of the old stuff. They're like a total new gender now.
At least Nightwish is different because Tarja went away.
Tho, I'm not sure of any inside changes there have been, maybe they got into a fight or were asked to change, I'm not sure either of anything that happened while making Twilight Princess (someone told me something about troubles when making it and that a lot of ideas were scrapped or something). But I am sure of one thing:
I hate the new Linkin Park.

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